Collins Radio

Collins Radio in Cedar Rapids, Iowa produced some of the finest radio communications equipment ever made. They were prominent in the field from the 1930's through at least the 1980's even after merging with Rockwell. Their amateur radio lines were rugged, state-of-the art designs built to military specification with quality parts.

I have operated the S-Line, KWM-2, and HF-380 on the amateur bands in the past and have owned the 75A-1 and 75A-3 receivers. Present Collins equipment in stock is pictured below.


The Collins 75A-4 was the culmination of a design concept that was developed after WWII. The crystal-controlled front end was down-converted to a tunable I.F. that utilized inductive tuning in the form of a highly stable permeability-tuned oscillator. In the later models in the series, Collins developed mechanical filters to provide an almost ideal bandpass shape factor for superior selectivity.

The 75A and 51J series of receivers set the standard for communications

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