R. L. Drake

There is a lot Drake tube-type equipment still in use today which is a testimonial for the quality and utility of the Drake line of transmitters, receiver, amplifiers, and transceivers. Beginning with the innovative Drake 1A triple conversion receiver around 1959 and followed in succession by the 2A which had a more conventional dial design, the R. L. Drake company produced many fine products including the TR-3, TR-4, TR-6 (6M), and various T4/R4X transmitter/receiver combos that persist in use to the present.

I have owned various Drake equipment items over the years including the TR-3, TR-6, TR-7, and R4/T4X. Most of those items still command high but not unreasonable used prices, even if they need some repair. The R4C receivers are still in demand when they have had filter upgrades making them competitive with today's solid state equipment.

This is the Drake 2A receiver. It does not have a "CW" filter position which was added in the 2B model. Even so, it does an excellent job on SSB and AM phone. Heterodyne crystals may be added in the sockets provided to extend coverage to any 600 KHz. segment in the HF range of 3-30 MHz., making it easily upgradeable to the WARC bands (30M, 17M, 12M).


The Drake 2B looks identical to the 2A, but has an additional filter position for CW. There are other minor changes, but it esentially functions like the 2A. This one has the built-in crystal calibrator but I haven't been able to purchase the matching "Speaker/Q-multiplier" accessory for a reasonable price as yet.

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