Geocaching Photos

In our archives, we have photos of all the sites that we have visited in recent years.These are pictures of recent geocaching expeditions to locations in Nevada and California. Click on the small photos for views of local caches found.

Antelope Valley Road cache west of Loyalton, CA. The cache was out in the grass and sagebrush and well hidden as you can see. This one was typical with a few trinkets to swap and a logbook to sign.

avcache3 avcache1avcache2

There is nice city park in Loyalton and someone provided an "urban" cache for geocachers to find. An urban cache is very compact so it can be hidden in a limited space like a hollow fencepost or knothole. The park is pleasant and the nearby museum can be visited in the warmer months.

urban cache1 urban cache2museum exhibit

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