Gonset was a big part of the amateur radio equipment scene for over twenty years. The Gonset "Communicator" line of VHF AM transceivers were extremely popular from the mid-1950's into the 1960's and most of us who were licensed then had one version or another of the "Gooney Box" as it was known then. I have owned and used several 10 meter, 6 meter, and 2 meter Communicators over the years. I recently obtained a couple of rough "Communicator II's" for restoration due to the revival of AM activity on VHF.

I also used a Gonset "6 meter Sidewinder" which was a very early VHF single sideband transceiver using a mixture of transistors and tubes. It put out around 10 watts which I used to drive a pair of 4-125 power tubes to around 400 watts on 6 meters.

Unusual Gonset GR-212 amateur communications receiver. This one needs some work, although it looks good cosmetically. There is no RF amplifier stage which makes it sound dead with a short antenna. There may be other problems, but the basic design is a little short of what is necessary for good overall gain.

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