This is one of two HQ-129X receivers that I have. This one has not been cleaned up and restored yet, but it is interesting that the original knobs are still there. One of the first modifications made by hams was to replace the main tuning knobs with something a bit larger. The receiver covers the AM broadcast up through 30 MHz. in the typical Hammarlund single conversion configuration. I first acquired one in 1965 and used it for many years after as my main station receiver. It also saw use as a converter I.F. for 6 and 2 meters. It is still an excellent vintage collectible with usable sensitivity and stability, even on 10 meters.

Here is an HQ-140X which followed the HQ-129X into the mid-1950's. It is the same basic single-conversion superhet in the Super Pro tradition with improved performance on the higher frequencies. This one is very clean inside and only needs a new bandspread dial to become "whole" again.

Another step up in the HQ-series was the HQ-145 which was double conversion in the 10-30 MHz. range and featured a crystal filter plus a tunable notch filter. A product detector for CW/SSB was another new innovation. I still need to align this one, but it seems to work pretty well as-is. There are some modifications that can be made to provide high quality audio for shortwave reception.

The HQ-110 shown is one of three that I picked up, hoping to produce one good one from the accumulated parts. I actually came up with two usable HQ-110's after scavenging parts and swapping them around. It is not a "high end" Hammarlund receiver and only covers the 160-10 meter amateur bands. There is a tunable front end feeding a double-conversion I.F. It is reasonably stable after a 30 minute or so warmup. A Q-multiplier provides some additional selectivity, though not very effectively.

I've always liked the Hammarlund receivers which were based upon the original "Super Pro" superheterodyne model introduced in 1937. The HQ-170A is mechanically stable like the original "Pro" and has some added gadgets like a slot filter and a bandpass tuning feature. This one arrived in working condition but it needs some cleanup and alignment.

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