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Amateur radio frequently appears in written works, particularly in the realm of juvenile fiction. I have collected many volumes of this kind, including many of the "Radio Boys" series from the 1920's and early 1930's. Three different authors contracted to write these novels during this period and they are enjoyable to read, even for older folks like myself.

Other authors have continued the genre, most recently, Cindy Walls, whose juvenile novels effectively capture the spirit of the "Radio Boys" with a modern feminine element. An author in New Hampshire has written an updated version of the "Radio Boys" which I haven't yet read.

Other novels incorporate amateur radio into the theme exemplified by "The French Atlantic Affair" which pits amateur radio operators against the bad guys on a hijacked ship.

Old radio magazines have interesting covers. I scanned a few for inclusion on this page.

SWcraft RC Radio News 
1934 Radio News 
1935 swt0837 swt0337

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