Choose a recording from the following list. I transferred the performances from the original 78 rpm shellac discs to casette tape. Then the files were digitized to the .wav format and compressed to .mp3 (11-to-1 ratio). Virtually no processing has been done other than removal of pops and clicks.

Most of my compressed files are 600 KB-800KB so allow a couple of minutes for the download if you have a normal dial-up connection.

  • "The Waltz You Saved For Me" - Milton Brown and His Musical Brownies (Decca 5233 A)

    Milton Brown led a very successful western swing band in the mid-thirties until he died in a tragic auto accident. They made many recordings in a short period of time.

  • "Little White Lies" - Annette Hanshaw (Velvet Tone 2136-V)

    Annette Hanshaw was a popular pianist and singer from the mid-1920's through the 1930's. She was successful as a radio personality, but dropped out of the entertainment business at the peak of her career to become a housewife. Listen for her trademark "that's all" at the end of this selection.

  • "The Forgotten Soldier Boy" - Asher Sizemore and Little Jimmie (Bluebird B-6021-B)

    Asher Sizemore and his son, Little Jimmie, were popular on the 1930's gospel circuit. Most of their recordings were made with Jimmie singing the lead and Asher providing the harmony in his gentle tenor voice. This recording is a rarity in that Little Jimmie is not present.

  • "Good Evenin'" - Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians (Columbia 2253-D)

    Guy Lombardo's early Columbia Viva-tonal recordings are pleasant to listen to and undoubtedly were easy to dance to. Carmen Lombardo provides the vocal accompaniment in this lesser-known selection.

  • "Easter Day" by the Dixon Brothers (Montgomery Ward M-7030-A)

    This is a rare 1930's Easter gospel selection. My copy is pretty rough, but I really like this recording and present it for your listening pleasure with the noise and scratches intact to provide "character."

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