World Radio Laboratories

World Radio Laboratories put Nebraska on the amateur radio map with their line of affordable transmitters exclusively for the hams.

Globe Scout 65

I have two Globe Scout 65 transmitters and this is the one that is in better condition after some rebuilding. In spite of the hole in the front panel for an external crystal holder, the inside is clean and the transmitter works well on phone and CW. A 6146 PA provided 35-40 watts output which was enough for a novice operator to work the world in the mid-1950's.


The Globe Scout 680A was a late 1950's offering that covered 80-6 meters using AM phone and CW. A separate VFO was available for frequency agility, but the radio was usually purchased by Novice Class operators who were restricted to crystal control operation on 80, 40 and 15 meters. The 6146 RF amplifier was very effectively choke-modulated by a single 6L6 tube. This particular unit has been re-built electronically, but needs a little cosmetic work yet.

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